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Our debate program is fun, educational and enriching for students and teachers alike. Focusing on debate and its related activities, we have aligned our program with the academic calendar for everyone’s convenience.

Our elite coaches from around the world conduct workshops lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours.

To provide the most comprehensive communications training possible, a variety of our workshops are offered as outlined below:

  • Stage Fright and Public Speaking
    We’ve designed a series of games and activities where students need to speak before a large group. Role-playing and the balloon game are just some exercises that build confidence and perfect timing – both key skills in public speaking. To encourage active participation, our coaches will explain the benefits of each exercise to all students.

  • Argumentation
    Our coaches will provide students with definitions, types of arguments and each of their purposes so as to set the scene of a competitive debate. Students will master the Assertion-Reasoning-Evidence (ARE).

  • Research
    Most students lack formal training in research skills. This vital workshop will teach students how to find information through different sources, evaluate their reliability and learn to scan for relevance.

  • Motion Analysis
    Students will learn to analyze and recognize the different types of motions. In addition, they will learn to state relevant arguments effectively.

We recommend other workshops such as Advanced Argumentation and Building a Proposition Case to intermediate or advanced debate students.

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